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The End.

December 31, 2015

Dear Friends,

December 31, 2015 marks the end of another year, and my last Drawing Pins post.

Drawing Pins was an artistic rehabilitation of sorts. It helped me reconstruct the relationship I’d developed with art and design after two decades working as a commercial graphic artist.

In the end catharses lead to clarity and a renewed enthusiasm for the things I love in life; artistically and otherwise. As is characteristic of all endings, they’re earmarked with the promise of a new beginning.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Wishing everyone A Glad New Year and a hopeful new beginning in 2016!


dp *)


© 2015, Designed and printed by Dana Aubrey, Letterpress Christmas Card


Finally, one last Musical Interlude to carry us into our collective new beginnings. It played during the end credits of Wes Anderson’s gorgeously crafted, Moonrise Kingdom.


Musical Interlude: Dan Deacon

April 10, 2015

“The people at Adult Swim produced Deacon’s new video for the album track “When I Was Done Dying.” In putting the clip together, they invited nine different animators — Jake Fried, Chad VanGaalen, Dimitri Stankowicz, Colin White, Taras Hrabowsky, Anthony Schepperd, Masanobu Hiraoka, Caleb Wood, KOKOFREAKBEAN — to animate different sections of the song”
By Tom Breihan, Stereogum


Signs of Spring

March 21, 2015

There are piles of bunny poop appearing all around our backyard. A clear sign that spring has sprung. These cute little buggers (and their excrement) are a welcome sight after the long winter.

And speaking of bunnies, the popular spring mascots that they are…

Two winter’s ago, Peter and I bought this bunny embroidery kit for our daughter. She had shown an interest in stitching in the past – mainly by coaxing projects out of my hands into hers, mid-stitch. Fourteen months passed since we gave this to her and she had yet to take a crack at it. My impatience got the best of me this winter when I asked if she’d like me to make it for her. With a coy smile she replied, “yes please”, whereby I happily complied. It was a win win.

If you are learning embroidery, Kiriki Press kits are a fabulous place to start. They are the creation of a local Toronto artist named Michelle Galletta. The characters are too sweet (in a good way) and uniquely gorgeous. It’s extremely tempting to make all of them.

Kiriki Bunny Embroider kit, template and floss.
Kiriki Bunny Embroider kit, template and floss.
Kiriki Bunny embroidery piece inside out and finished sitting in tulips.

© 2015, Dana Aubrey

Inspiraled By Another, 7/66

February 14, 2015

Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler – 75 years and counting!

When the dentist asked my sister, whose been married for a quarter of a century, why she was clenching and grinding her teeth so much, she replied, “because marriage is so awesome!”

Happy V-Day,

dp xo

Inspiraled by Another is a series of 66 photography inspired sketches that made my pencil spin.

Drawing in progress of Scarlett and Rhett from the movie Gone with the Wind.
Drawing of Scarlett and Rhett from the movie Gone with the Wind.Drawing of Scarlett and Rhett from Gone with the Wind movie.
© 2015, Dana Aubrey



Musical Interlude: The Middle East

December 28, 2014

Hope everyone had a merry-merry and wishing you all a happy-happy 2015!

dp xo

The Queen gets her Knight

November 11, 2014

On this Remembrance Day, much like every other Remembrance Day before it, my stepfather Harold Hague will step into the limelight to honor the lives of his fallen comrades. At 93 years of age, he stands amongst some of the last surviving WWII veterans. Harold’s lifelong contribution to his country, community and to his family, ranks him pretty high in my heart of hearts. He has instilled in me a deep sense of gratitude for the life I’ve lived, buoyed by the freedom and democracy his generation paid such an incredibly high price for.

This year, France awarded Harold the Knight of the National Order of the Legion of Honor medal. A symbolic gesture that in part, marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day. My mom, in particular, is really enjoying his new post. You see, Harold has always jokingly referred to my mom as “The Queen.” Now that he’s been officially Knighted, she likes to tell him that it’s only fitting that she have a Knight to serve her. A sentiment Harry mirrored while being interviewed by a local journalist, who noted, “Hague said that he tried to use his knighthood to get out of doing dishes but his wife was not having it. She tossed him a dish towel and reminded him that she is the queen.” (Deborah Shawcross, Prince Albert Right Now, Nov. 8, 2014)

In all seriousness though, Harold is well deserving of this award and I know he is greatly humbled by the honor. For the many son’s whose birthdays were cut short 70 years ago, it must please him to know that their efforts were never forgotten.

© 2014, Dana Aubrey
© 2014, Dana Aubrey, Vintage Birthday Card



Mosaic Stepping Stones

August 20, 2014

My how time flies. I asked the girls to help me create a mosaic stepping stone path in the summer of 2010 using my left-over glass tile scraps (waste not, want not). They made two, I made none, and here we are in the summer of 2014.

Rachel was keen. She planned her image ahead of time and critiqued it regularly along the way. She created the strawberry stone below. Alex was indifferent and preferred to wing-it as she went. She made the tomato vine stone below. Both methods achieved very nice results. That was then – two down and about ten-ish more to go. Now, four years later, I still have ten-ish more to go.

This summer Alex remained indifferent to the idea. She usually ducked out of sight, iPod in tow, at the mere mention of creating more. Rachel was still keen though. However this time her contribution was conditional that we do it together. It’s a small price to pay in exchange for the joy of spontaneously creating something with another. We followed Alex’s lead by ‘winging it’ in a doodle-like fashion, each taking a turn adding to the design and making it up as we went.

Hot off the stepping stone press is the result of our collaboration below – the heart and rainbow gradation stones. Now I’ve only eight-ish more steps to go.

Mosaic stepping stones, heart and rainbow designs in progress.
Mosaic stepping stones with rainbow gradation design.
Mosaic stepping stones with heart, rainbow gradation, rose and strawberries design.
Mosaic stepping stones with heart, rainbow gradation, rose and strawberries design.

© 2014, Dana Aubrey



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