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Hurry Up & Wait

March 28, 2011

Even though it is still too early to plant we decided to pay a visit to the garden centre yesterday. It is neither winter nor spring and my impatience is about the only thing growing in the midst of this seasonal limbo. Stuck in a state of hurry up and wait we figured we could energize our moods with a visit to an artificial climate that has successfully coerced spring into an early bloom. As we wondered our way through the empty store I thought about how nice it was to be there in the calm before the retail-frenzied storm. Soon enough these isles will be chock a block full of green starved mortals in a frenzied desperation to take this inside ambiance out. Present company included. I resisted the urge to buy any garden ornaments and resolved to turn my energy into making one instead.

Once back home I got my hands on some old electrical wire from my husbands “you never know when we are going to need it” stash. On a side note I must admit that most days this stash drives me mental. It takes up too much room and is overflowing out of every nook and cranny. It causes a sort of visual pollution that assaults my designer sensibilities. But what drives me ever more nuts is that he is almost always right. I can’t tell you how many times we have found ourselves in need of some miscellaneous, never in a million years would I have ever guessed we were going to need that, scenario. Sure enough there I was once again with my tail between my legs as I pillaged through his stash looking for some useful piece of otherwise discarded material. Except this time it was for my frivolous crafty act that, at the very least, would bring a smile to my face and a fresh perspective to my hurry up and wait state. Some hoarders truly do deserve an encouraging pat on the back.

Where was I, oh yes…on a quest to create lowercase scripted letters in electrical wire to adorn my garden with. When I was bending the wire about I thought about imaginary currents running through it connecting me to the earth, inspirationally and otherwise.

365 Journal Challenge:
“Make something that casts a shadow…”

Picture of wired art in snow

© Dana Aubrey, Electrical Wire Art

Picture of wired art in snow

© Dana Aubrey, Electrical Wire Art

2 Comments leave one →
  1. DAD permalink
    March 30, 2011 6:21 pm

    That’s fantastic, what you have done with your husband’s (Petie Sweetie) discards. He’s a man after my own heart, for, I too, have loads of crap and find uses for them. I got carried away there, for Your work is phenomenal. Love dAD

    • drawingpins permalink
      April 8, 2011 8:28 am

      No kidding Red Green!!

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