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Hey Blondie!

April 4, 2011

By nature little boys are full of p*ss and vinegar. My youngest nephew is no different. He is an expert at making sound effects of the action movie kind, especially as it pertains to machine guns, explosions, fast cars, and fighter jet airplanes. Sit beside him while he is playing race cars and you’re sure to get showered in spit as his jaw contorts and lips vibrate expounding the sounds of fast, turbocharged engines. He had these sounds perfected by the age of five. It’s like an affliction that all boys are born with. If you sit him in front of any action movie or TV show, be it the Bionic Man (his current fav – he has good taste!), Batman, or James Bond, you’ll find him frozen in fascination and muttering “cuhool” under his breath. Like a moth to the flame, he is.

Big boys are not much different. In my husband’s little boy era intergalactic wars, westerns, and army tales reigned supreme. Clearly the appeal of death defying action has never worn off. This is proven time and again whenever we go into head to head combat over our next movie selection. I’m not saying I hate watching stories about wars and super human strength, in fact you can count me in for most of them, but dare I suggest any kind of ahem, emotional type movie and I might as well have told him he’s getting his legs amputated. It really comes down to two classes of entertainment: physical combat vs. mental combat.

Recently we saw Rango with the kids. In it was a great parody of Clint Eastwood from his cinematic western days. The kids were curious as to why their dad was so pleased by the presence of a strange man driving a golf cart, through Rango’s desert, and who had a bunch of golden men stuffed in the back (his large collection of Oscars). “Who was that man” they asked? Indeed! This opened a small window of opportunity that Peter wasted no time in exploiting.  He immediately ran out and rented a series of cult classic spaghetti westerns (by Sergio Leone) responsible for elevating Clint Eastwood’s star status. His justification was that the kids needed some relevant back-story to the reference in the movie. He has pleaded for us to watch these westerns before but to his dismay we three girls inevitably groan and say “awe but do we have tooooooo?” This time was no different. Until recently that is.

Late one night last week while suffering from a bout of insomnia I was in search of something to dull my overactive brain. Out of desperation I reluctantly reached for a copy of A Fistful of Dollars that Peter had rented but was ultimately rejected. As I looked at the chastising expression on the face of the “man with no name” I briefly hesitated. Oh well I though, it might at least put me to sleep. However as soon as the music cued and the familiar whistling tune sank into relevance with a heavy exclamation mark my curiosity was peaked. The opening title sequence alone was the epitome of graphic design excellence. I immediately sat up from my sleepy recline as the masterful direction of Sergio Leone garnered my full attention. This movie was made 46 years ago and I was only now watching it in its entirety. Shame on me. This time I was the one uttering “coooool” under my breath.

365 Journal Challenge: “Make something inspired by your favorite movie.” I tip my hat to Iginio Lardani, the designer who created the title sequence for A Fistful of Dollars. This is a playdough reproduction from a frame of his work and I dedicate it to all the boys in my life (big and small).

Picture of Fistful of Dollars artwork by Dana Aubrey

© Dana Aubrey, Playdough sketch of Fistful of Dollars title frame

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  1. Caron permalink
    April 7, 2011 9:28 am

    We have been watching some wonderful movies as a Family recently but shamefully they have been downloads and bali copies and all have dissappointed, so could say Kings Speech was WONDERFUL (well only saw the 1st quarter and then the movie stopped so if the rest was just as good it gets a thumbs up), Forgetting Sarah Marshall, was quite funny too (bit rude) (only saw the first quarter) but could have been ok, was others too but only got quarter thru and dvd died so not really worth the review from me!

  2. Caron permalink
    April 7, 2011 9:54 am

    Do you know what? I heard purple is the colour of sexual frustration! I don’t know why but I no longer can Love purple! I curiously eye off purple wearers and have a little talk to myself when I see them wearing it! I have been known to tell friends ‘ I despise’ lilac, whats that all about?
    I mean how mean can lilac be???? but truly, I hate it !!!

    • drawingpins permalink
      April 8, 2011 8:33 am

      Please no, say it ain’t so. I love the color purple. Oh no! 😉

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