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Nested Aqua Pearls

April 26, 2011

I’m fascinated by the resourcefulness of birds. Whenever I find one of their discarded nests, I love to look at the material they built them with. I’ve seen candy wrappers, garden twine and bits of threads amongst the twisted, braided twigs. Do birds ever factor in the frivolous joys of decoration or the luxuries of comfort when they select building material, or are their choices strictly utilitarian by nature? I know next to nothing about bird nest construction so the best I can do right now is appropriate human nesting habits onto them.

Equally fascinating is if you take into consideration how agile birds have to be to build their nests. One would think having just one beak and only two small feet to build with would be a major handicap. Not to mention doing so while pregnant, balancing on a swaying foundation, suspended a hundred plus feet in the air, whilst simultaneously fending off squirrely, thieving neighbors. Yet they can, and do build beautifully strong wreaths to bring their family home to.

365 Journal Challenge:
“Use the world of birds as your inspiration today.”

I found this lovely, half-built nest in my yard and it is the inspiration for today’s Journal Challenge. I incorporated the use of mixed media and these cool jelly-like things called Aqua Pearls.

Photo of Birds Nest

© Dana Aubrey, Mixed Media, Nest

Photo of Mixed Medium Birds Nest

© Dana Aubrey, Mixed Media w/Aqua Pearls, Nest

Photo of Mixed Medium Doodle

© Dana Aubrey, Mixed Medium Aqua Pearls, Doodle

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