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Princess Beatrice’s Hat Update

May 4, 2011

Four days have passed since Princess Beatrice’s Philip Treacy hat made its fashion debut. I still love it. Because it’s ridiculous…ly fabulous!

How do all those hat models keep those fascinator’s perched on their foreheads anyway? Is there some sort of suction cup, skin glue, or invisible elastic bands keeping them in place? One would have to hold a stiff upper lip along with the steadiest postures for fear of knocking over such a Leaning Tower of Pisa crown. Ouch, gives me a headache just thinking about the balancing skills required to wear a couture head ornament. With that said, sign me up for the opportunity, any time and place, especially when it comes to a Philip Treacy design.

I’d love to see the out-takes of a day in the life of wearing a hat sculpture at a Royal event. Could you imagine seeing footage of an upper crust guest landing flat on their back after being taken out by the top of a doorway, or an eyeball being poked out, or of a sneeze capable of vaulting a coiffed hair piece into the air after a neighbor’s feathery flair brushes past.

In the mean time here’s my finished sketch…

A sketch of Princess Beatrice of York wearing a Philip Treacy Fascinator
© 2011, Dana Aubrey

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