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Opa’s Boo Boo Doll

July 22, 2011

Get Well Soon Doll by Amelia & ShanaOpa hurt his leg. He was traveling on a motorcycle high up in the mountains of Peru. He was in the middle of negotiating the 60th switchback turn of the day when he lost control of his bike and body slammed into a concrete ditch going 50 km an hour. His leg broke the bike’s slam into the side of the mountain. He did not die, he did not fly off the side of an extremely high mountain, he did not cause harm to another, he didn’t even break a bone. He got up instead and continued to sight see for a few more days. This kind of rebound is a common thread in the story that is his life. Opa not only has nine lives, he has at least nineteen, trust me I’m keeping count.

While in the foreign hospital the doctors marveled at his x-rays. Not only did this almost 80 year old man have no fractures, he had no signs of osteoporosis either – they declared he had the bones of an eighteen old. My husband likes to say that he has the brains of one too.

What he did get was loads of flak from his daughter (me), three substantially large holes in his leg from cellular damage caused by the impact, and a postponed 80th birthday party. The impatient patient now sits at home, ordered to stay off his feet for a while (but not listening very well). He sits gazing out of his window pining over the rolling stones as they gather moss. Get well soon Opa…you lucky son of a b****.

My talented nieces made this get well soon present for him. It’s too gorgeous not to share!

Get Well Soon Doll by Amelia & Shana

© Dana Aubrey, Opa's Doll, designed by Amelia & Shana

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  1. July 23, 2011 11:54 am

    Love the story. Love the “boo boo doll” (would make me smile every time I looked at it) and “get well Opa”!

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