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Outside In

September 6, 2011
Fall by Dana Aubrey

© Dana Aubrey, Fall Study, Acrylic

Mother Nature just flipped her switch. Goodbye summer, hello fall. The North wind has blown in and I’ve got the urge to chop firewood. As I cozy up inside a thick knitted sweater I wave sayonara to the warm breeze that had been wrapped around my bare feet for the last couple of months.

It feels like yesterday when I couldn’t wait to get outside and now I can’t wait to scurry back in. I was born in the Northern hemisphere – hibernation is not only necessary, it just feels right.

Fall is the yang to springs yin but is no less refreshing, colorful, and new. It’s that fabulous time of year, time to gather the remainder of outsides warmth and bring it back in.

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  1. September 9, 2011 11:37 am

    Some of the leaves, here, are just beginning to tinge. Very creative take on the figure entering fall. I like it.

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