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Harmony Drawing Tool

January 25, 2012

Mr.doob (aka Ricardo Cabello) must be some kind of programming genius. Having just crossed paths with his work, I’m in awe over his infinite (and totally unrelatable) wisdom for algorithms. For example he created a drawing tool, which I took for a test drive, creating the sketch below, that allows one to create the most exquisite marks and then save them. No software required. No eraser either, making the whole experience more zen like.

Check it out, its called the Harmony Drawing Tool. It warrants much LOVE! I also came across another of his projects called Google Gravity. For the love of exploring, go forth and immerse yourself in Mr. doob’s programming logic. It’s hypnotizing, especially for obsessive types like myself.

A girl with pigtails drawn with Ricardo Cabello's Harmony Drawing Tool.© 2012, Dana Aubrey

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