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Paper Noren Curtains

February 23, 2012

I’m in the habit of keeping my front door blinds and living room curtains open. I can’t stand the idea of blocking natural light or external views. I’m also of Dutch heritage which means I have an affection for the curtain-less (or open window) look. My Opa and Oma never moved to Canada so we made a few trips to Holland to visit them when I was young. It was on those visits that I became infatuated and influenced by the Dutch aesthetic. I especially fell in love with their open window policy. When you’re a stranger in a strange land, the curtain-less windows of the Nederlander is an intriguing invitation to unabashedly gawk into the beautifully decorated homes and personal lives of its inhabitants. It takes transparency of the human spirit to a different level – I view it now as an expression of a home that has an open heart. Yes, I’m a hopeless romantic.

Now the thing is, I also need my privacy. The view from my front door looks straight into my kitchen. On one side of my kitchen is my bathroom and on the other is my bedroom. I live in fear of one day getting caught walking half naked between rooms by a solicitor standing at my front door as they peer in to see if anyone is home. I turned to the Japanese for my solution and made a set of Noren curtains for the doorways. They only partially block the view into my house and still allow the natural light to flow through. Traditionally Noren curtains are made from gorgeously printed Japanese cloth but the paper route was more easily affordable. Not only can I still let the sunshine in and face it with a grin, I can also rest easier during my bathroom to bedroom commute.

Sewing paper to paper for a pair of curtains.

Homemade Noren paper curtains handing in front hall doorway.

Homemade Noren paper curtains handing in front hall doorway.

© 2012, Dana Aubrey

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