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For the Love of Pimm’s

November 13, 2012

Two sides of a dog pillow pattern touching nose to nose.

While Olympic fever spread through the British Commonwealth this summer it prompted a friend to ask me if I could make him a Union Jack pillow. “I would like one of your handmade creations for my home,” he said. He happens to live in a Victorian heritage house that is impeccably decorated. I could not refuse such a kind compliment, however I was a bit worried that my basic sewing skills would not blend with his esthetic for accessories.

I wanted to create something that was a little whimsical, a bit smart, and a lot joyful. At first I tried making my own pattern until an array of problematic errors revealed my obvious inexperience. Subsequently I sought professional help from Kim Kruzich, who sells her fabulous, easy to follow, patterns online at Retro Mama. The Milo & Moxie Doxie Softie (try saying that ten times fast) fit the bill perfectly. I adapted Kim’s pattern slightly to include a dog coat, and instead of using retro fabrics, I went with some tweed that had been serendipitously found amongst my fabric stash.

I wasn’t sure how a grown man was going receive a gift that looked more like a stuffie then a pillow, though in my defense, he does love shopping at Pottery Barn Kids despite not having any rug rats of his own. He is also the proud owner of two very complacent canines, which is the part of his life I was attempting to commemorate. Even though his dogs are labs, I choose a dachshund as my muse because their long body made the perfect canvas to pin a flag on.

As the pieces of the pillow came together, it started to possess a sweetness that completely seduced me. In fact it has left a small hole in my heart since moving out of my house and into his. My friend christened him Pimm’s – so named after his favorite English liqueur. Hopefully he loves his pillow as much as I do.

Detail of Union Jack flag embroidered using the blanket stitch.

Dachshund dog pillow napping on a rug waiting to be stuffed.

Dachshund dog pillow with a Union Jack coat design.

Dachshund dog pillow with a Union Jack coat design standing in the garden.

© 2012, Dana Aubrey

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  1. November 13, 2012 3:54 pm

    I want one!

  2. November 15, 2012 12:54 pm

    I want two! 🙂

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