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The Crafty Gardener

March 16, 2014

My family and I found ourselves weather, work, and financially house bound during March Break last week. With two teenage girls stuck in a perpetual state of digital ennui, I bee-lined it for the studio for some art therapy of the step-mummy kind. I love it when the girls join me up there but they’re teenagers now, and you know how that story goes; parents bad, digital media good.

I was just getting reacquainted with a half finished sketch when I was interrupted by the sound of shuffling feet sneaking up from behind. A curious young girl (who had a ‘I’m bored’ cloud hanging over her head) shimmied up to my side, let out a big sigh and asked, “whatcha doing?” Happy to have the company but suspicious of a short attention span, I diverted her over to a bench by the window. There she could investigate a new stack of scrap-booking paper recently donated to me by my sweet neighbor.

Our neighbors are like kindred spirits with hobby interests closely resembling our own. Sometimes I imagine they are an older, wiser version of Peter and I – if we should be so lucky. Instead of borrowing cups of flour or sticks of butter from each other, we borrow tools, DIY tips and craft supplies. Mostly though, the lady of the house often places pretty packages on my doorstep filled with new, or recently dusted off art supplies she thinks I might enjoy. Her generosity and kindness always cheers me up. Considering how green her thumb is in the garden, I’m beginning to suspect her whole essence is built around encouraging other things to growth, myself included. Yup, she’s a gem!

As I suspected (and hoped) it didn’t take long for my stepdaughter to become absorbed by the different patterns and pretty prints. And just as she no doubt suspected, it didn’t take long for me to be lured over into looking through the papers along side of her. When Rachel suggested I make something for our neighbor as a thank you, I smiled back and said, “yes, WE should do that.” And with that, we did.

Presenting The Crafty Gardener and The Handy Carpenter by Rachel and I – a paper puppet pair that ended up looking so much like them, I was floored. They were a joy to make, a joy to give, and an even bigger joy to see how well they were received.

© 2014, Dana Aubrey
© 2014, Dana Aubrey
© 2014, Dana Aubrey
© 2014, Dana Aubrey© 2014, Dana Aubrey
© 2014, Dana Aubrey

© 2014, Dana Aubrey

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