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The Button Factory

March 27, 2014

Another March Break craft by the kids.

My original intention when I bought The Button Factory kit was to produce personalized buttons for friends and family. Regrettably the kit didn’t measure up to my expectations. Using the tools supplied, I could not get the tin & fabric sandwich to successfully cinch together. I got as far as the thready button below before giving up and tossing the kit in the cupboard.

Over the March Break the girls found it. Alex in particular is a huge button fan so she was pretty keen to try her hand at it. Like me they discovered the fastening process didn’t work well. Unlike me, they enlisted the extra muscle of their dad who was better able to force the dysfunctional parts into a functional form. After a while, even Peter threw his hands up in the air in defeat but not before he was able to help them produce these funky creations below.


© 2014, Dana Aubrey© 2014, Dana Aubrey© 2014, Dana Aubrey

© 2014, Dana Aubrey


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