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Art Deco Lamp Rescue

April 14, 2014

Peter spotted this junked art deco lamp while skimming through a second hand store. Not all the parts were original, it was badly rusted, and the lamp canopy had been crudely cut in two places thanks to the jerry-rigging of a previous owner. It exuded enough charm to bewitch us both into buying it regardless. We paid too much for it in the end considering how much obvious TLC it needed but it was still a fraction of the cost of buying a well preserved antique light fixture and/or that of an expensive restoration knockoff.

I removed the paint from the fixture’s canopy, then took it all apart and scrubbed at the rust with a S.O.S pad while Peter worked on converting an old, ugly, 6 inch pot light fixture for the lamp’s new ceiling perch. Removing the rust revealed a corroded brass plated finish, further damaged by my scrubbing. I could have spray-painted the whole thing with a faux metal finish but I have a soft spot for natural patina. I decided to strip the metal rings of its brass plating and leave the canopy in its discolored state instead.

This project took a few more months (and elbow grease) to finish then anticipated after freelance work pulled me away. It sat in pieces in a box on my living room floor long enough for me to forget what all the fuss was about to begin with. I couldn’t remember what it looked like when it was in one piece and debated abandoning it all together. However, driven by curiosity and a waste not, want not mentality, I persevered. During reassembly it became obvious nothing was square or symmetrical, leading me to believe this must be a homemade lamp. Of course that made me love it even more.

And voila! Not too shabby after a little spit and polish don’t you think?!

Dismantled ceiling lamp, refinishing details in progress.
Refurbished ceiling lamp, before and after shot.
Refurbished art deco ceiling lamp, side view against blue backdrop.
Refurbished ceiling lamp, dimmed lighted seen from below.

© 2014, Dana Aubrey



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  1. April 15, 2014 1:05 am

    Wow! That looks beautiful! That was worth all your hard work.

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